35+ Fake Love Quotes and Sayings for Heart Broken

If you are in search of suitable words that can describe your grief and anger, we are here to help you. You will find the best quotes on fake love in this article.

Love is, undoubtedly, the most precious feeling in this world. It gives you peace, happiness, support, care, and respect. Love isn’t related to outer beauty; rather, it is the identification of a pure heart. You can always distinguish between a person in love from a person who isn’t just by glancing at the level of happiness and contentment on their face.

However, what if all this love is fake? What if all those love-filled words were a lie? What if all those moments spent together was just a time pass? Your life becomes devastated when you come to know that all that love was just a fake gesture.

But, never lose hope and never stop loving just because you had a bad experience with a fake person. Life is too short not to love.

Never go in someone's life when you aren't serious about them

Fake Love Quotes | Fake Love Quotes in English

Fake love can be the worst kind of hoax that can be done to someone. Giving someone the purest feeling of all, love, and then telling them that it was all nothing but a fake gesture, is the worst thing ever. Words can never be enough to describe the pain someone can get from fake love.

Real love never leaves you in the middle of now here.

If a person truly loves you, he will always be there for you.

Never make someone feel like you love them when you don’t.

Nothing matter in a real love except a loving heart and a caring body.

You can never fake for a lifetime; your real face will be revealed, one day or the other.

Fake love cares about everything else except the feelings

Never go in someone’s life when you aren’t serious about them.

Fake love doesn’t deserve loyalty.

You always keep begging for love when your lover doesn’t love you and is just faking.

Do you expect to get love and purity when all you gave was cheat and lies?

I wasn’t expecting a life lesson in the shape of you.

Fake love doesn’t contain any efforts; it just survives on false words.

All you said was a lie, but one thing you said was right; I was wrong about you.

I can’t forget your eyes when you said you loved me.

You made me feel like you loved me.

Never let your loneliness drive you in the arms of someone who doesn’t love you.

Never let your loneliness drive you in the arms of someone who doesn’t love you.

Quotes on Fake Love | Fake Love Quotes With Images

Hurting someone with fake love is not an option; it’s a choice. A choice that you will always regret because when you hurt someone, you’ll get hurt too.
Fake love is a burden that you should get off as early as possible. Or else, it will keep hurting you forever.

You are not the person I loved the most.

It was stupid that I believed you when you said you loved me.

You added wounds to my already hurt heart.

I am strong enough to be alone than being with the wrong person.

Bad people teach you good lessons.

Never fall for anyone who won’t be with you when you really fall.

Open hate is better than fake love.

There is no halfway in love; you either love or you don’t.

There is no halfway in love you either love or you dont

Cheap hearts are attracted by money and outer beauty.

When you really love someone, you never care about their looks.

You spoiled the purest feeling on earth because of your fakeness.

Love is blind; makes you imagine what isn’t even there.

Don’t mix love with lust, there is no lust in love.

Fake people can never give you true love.

The worst thing you can do to someone is pretending that you love them.

You always have a door to leave when the love isn’t real.

Love is built on faith and honesty; when these aren’t there, there can be no love.

Fake love devastates a man terribly

Fake love devastates a man terribly.

Never fake love because you don’t want to hurt someone right now. They will get hurt eventually when they come to know you never loved them.

Don’t regret that you lost people in your life, thank God that he removed people from your life who were not good for you.

Fake Love Quotes

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What Are the Signs of Fake Love?

Following are the signs of fake love:

You have a gut feeling that their love is fake.

They talk to you when they want to, not when you need them.

They are willing to give up every time you argue.

They only know to take, not to give.

They leave you when you are in bad circumstances and come back when good things return.

Is Love a Fake Emotion?

Love isn’t fake emotion. Although it doesn’t have a physical external reality, it is a true feeling experienced by every human being.

Dont mix love with lust there is no lust in love

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