Happy Valentines Week List 2022: Days, Dates, and Images | Love Date Sheet For February Special Days

Valentines Week List 2022: We wish a Happy Valentine’s day 2022 to all our readers. For celebrating this Valentine’s day 2022 with utmost love and romance, we are here with a Happy Valentine’s week list of 2022. In this article, you will find everything related to February day lists 2022, from the love date sheet for 2022 to Valentine’s week list images for 2022. We will discuss Rose day, Propose day, Kiss day, and all other days of Valentine’s week in detail.

And for those who are against Valentine’s day, we have listed the After valentines day week date sheet 2022. We hope you enjoy our sweet and sour stuff related to February or Valentine’s month.

You will also get Valentine’s day week list images of 2022 so that you can express your love to your other half in the most expressive ways.

Happy Valentines Day Weeks List 2022 | Feb 7 to Feb 14 Special Days

Initially celebrated only in the USA and Canada, Valentine’s Day is now celebrated worldwide by all those who believe in love. Valentine’s day is also the death anniversary of Saint Valentine, one of the Christian Legends.

If you aren’t confident enough to express your secret love to your lover, Valentine’s day is your day to say your feelings aloud. So grab the opportunity to kiss your lover before it’s too late.

Below we will discuss the days of Valentine’s week 2022 in detail:

Valentine’s Week 2022 Day & DATE
Rose Day Sunday, 7th February 2022
Propose Day Monday, 8th February 2022
Chocolate Day Tuesday, 9th February 2022
Teddy Day Wednesday,10th February 2022
Promise Day Thursday, 11th February 2022
Hug Day Friday, 12th February 2022
Kiss Day Saturday,13th February 2022
Valentines Day Sunday,14th February 2022

Rose Day 2022 – February 7th

Valentine’s week starts with Rose day. Red rose, the symbol of beauty, love, and attraction, is the most precious gift you can gift to your Valentine-to-be.

Present the freshest red rose to your lover without uttering a word and see the magic. Her/ Her eyes will start sparkling with happiness and eternal love for you.

On Happy Rose, girls and boys present the most beautiful fresh roses, packed magnificently in bouquets and adorned with love cards with romantic I love you messages.

Propose Day 2022 – February 8th

The Propose day is one of the most significant days on Valentine’s week list. With hearts pounding fast and eyes on the crush, it is the day for lovers to express their feeling to their crushes.

If you plan to propose to your crush and ask, “Will you be my Valentine?” do some things beforehand. Have some flowers, some Love cards with propose day wishes, and an alluring gift.

Chocolate Day 2022 – February 9th

The Chocolate Day from Valentine’s week 2022 is coming on February 9. Buy the best-tasting chocolates you know for your lover on this day.

Teddy Day 2022 – February 10th

The Teddy day celebrated on February 10 is the cutest day of Valentine’s week. Lovers, especially girls, love to have and keep teddy bears. Buy a cute teddy bear for your love and present it on this day.

Promise Day 2022 – February 11th

With love come great sacrifices and responsibilities. Always being together is of the most significant challenges in a relationship. Promise day, arriving on February 11, 2022, is when lovers make promises always to stay together, no matter what.

Hug Day 2022 – February 12th

You can never imagine what wonders a hug can do unless you get one. On February 12, 2022, hug your lover tight and detain them in your love forever.

Kiss Day 2022 – February 13th

The most romantic and sweetest gesture to express and cherish love is kissing. People who have kissed their lovers say that it is the time when the flow of time stops and the kissing moment feels eternal.

The kiss day is coming on February 13, 2022. Prepare yourself to feel the love of your lover in the loveliest of the ways.

Happy Valentine’s Day – February 14th

And finally, that day arrives for which the love birds wait for the most; Valentine’s day! This is the day when you will experience most of the joys of your love with your partner and wish to stay together till the next Valentine’s day.

Love Date Sheet February 2022 | February Days List 2022

February is when everything changes its color to the colors of love. The phrase “Love is in the air” is perfect for this month of the year. Starting from February 7 and ending on February 14, this week gives plenty of love time to lovers to get closer to each other.

For providing you a roadmap to celebrate this love month (February) in the most romantic ways than ever, we are providing you the love date sheet for February 2022(a.k.a February days list 2022). Plan your romance in sequence and cherish the love.

Valentines Day Images 2022 Download 

Every lover is demanding love images for Valentine’s day list 2022. So keeping in view your needs and wants, we have come with the best Valentine’s weekday list images for 2022. In the following collection, you will find pictures of kiss day, rose day, propose day, and so on.

Enjoy our collection of romantic Valentine’s day images and share them with your lover according to the February love calendar 2022.

After Valentines Day Week 2022 | Anti-valentines Day Date Sheet 2022

Not everyone is lucky enough to cherish and experience the magic of love. Furthermore, some people reckon that love is not real and shouldn’t be celebrated. Such people celebrate the After Valentine’s day week, which consists of eight days.

Or, turning to the other side of the picture, you can have a bad Valentine’s week even if you believe in love. You may be unfortunate that your date came out to be a total disaster, or your lover didn’t love you back. In such a case, you must be endorsing the Anti-Valentine people.

For doing this at its peak, follow the calendar of After Valentine’s day week.

As we care for everyone, whether they believe in love or not, or if their date was a total disaster, we have this After Valentine’s day Week calendar/ datasheet for you.

The After Valentine’s day starts on February 15 with Slap day and ends on February 21 with a Breakup day.

Here is the date scheduled for Anti-Valentine Week/ After Valentine Week:

We have After Valentines Day week images, pictures, and backgrounds to spice up the Anti-Valentine movement. Use these After Valentines Day week images for uploading statuses and sharing with your ex-lover.

Anti Valentine’s Week 2022  DATE
Slap Day 15th February 2022
Kick Day 16th February 2022
Perfume Day 17th February 2022
Flirt Day 18th February 2022
Confession Day 19th February 2022
Missing  Day 20th February 2022
Break Up  Day 21st February 2022


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