4 Best Places to Celebrate the New Year 2024 in Turkey

Are you planning to celebrate the New year 2024 in Turkey? If yes, Turkey is the best land to celebrate the new year 2024 with your loved ones. Especially, if you are planning for new year celebrations for a couple, Turkey will make your plan worth it. We have come up with some of the top-rated best places in Turkey where you can celebrate New year 2024.

A new year is a time when all of us forget our hardships and start to look forward to welcoming a whole new year of happiness and enjoyment. New years bring hope and good luck. That’s why we emphasize celebrating new year’s eve with utmost enthusiasm.

Today, we are here to share some of the best places in turkey where you can welcome the New year 2024 with a turkey new year celebration and cascades of flamboyant activities. Choose your place and get ready to welcome the new year with party poppers and drinks.

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Being the largest city in Turkey, this place is the center of majestic and glorious monuments and architectural wonders. From Aya Sofya mosque to Topkapi Palace, this place has remained and remains tourist attention and priority. The glory of this city is increased by leaps and bounds when it comes to new year celebrations.

The weather in December is quite cold and everyone enjoys welcoming the new year in this weather. If you want to spend your New year’s eve 2024 in Istanbul, you should do the following things:

  • Watch fireworks on the Bosphorus shore
  • Enjoy Bosphorus cruise party
  • Visit the local Istanbul markets
  • Enjoy local Istanbul street food
  • Witness fun-filled fireworks and songs
  • Visit a famous restaurant or bar for tasty Turkish food


An ancient and semi-arid city in Turkey, Cappadocia is known for its landscapes, carved rock houses, and underground cities. The main center of tourist attraction in Cappadocia is its hot air balloons.

Planning a New year’s eve in Cappadocia is an enjoyable activity. If you are planning to stay for some days, you should book a place in a famous resort in Cappadocia. We would suggest you keep the following things on your list:

  • A ride on the hot air balloons in the evening
  • Witness the fairy chimneys, flying balloons, and mesmerizing fireworks
  • Enjoy Turkish tea or coffee
  • Go for ice cream if you want to have a thrilling New year
  • Participate in fireworks witnessing


Being the capital of the Antalya province and the owner of a majestic sea, Antalya remains the center of beauty and attention for every visitor visiting Turkey. Antalya is a perfect place for both who want to have a quiet New year and for those who wants to have a thrilling partying New year.

If you want to welcome the New year while witnessing the natural beauty, you must pay a visit to the seashore of Antalya. You can have a coffee at the yacht on the old harbor or visit the Roman fortress. Karst springs can also be your place to visits.

If you are a party person, don’t forget to visit the famous bars and restaurants and enjoy Turkish music.


If you want to welcome New year 2024 in Ankara, you must know the famous and exceptional places in Ankara. Restaurants and hotels at Ankara offer a variety of new year’s eve special menus that you can enjoy. Having both historical and modern places to visit, Ankara is also a tourist attraction.

We recommend you the following activities for the New year 2024 in Ankara:

  • Visit the Ankara state opera house
  • Try famous Ankara food and drinks
  • Witness the fireworks at Kizilay where the New year party begins after midnight
  • Visit Eymir Lake for watching the glory of nature

We hope that you enjoyed our article on the best places to celebrate New year 2024 in Turkey. LQW wishes you a happy and exciting new year 2024.

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