Best Places to Celebrate New Year 2024 in Sri Lanka

In this article, you will know about the best places in Sri Lanka to celebrate New year 2024. Also, if you are curious about which places are best in Sri Lanka to spend your new year’s vacations, this article is your answer. If you are searching for places to celebrate the new year 2024 with your family and loved ones, we are here to help.

Everyone around the globe has started preparing for the New year 2024. People are returning to their hometowns and planning the New year holidays. Be it a family or a couple, welcoming the New year with fun, happiness, and love is always good.

Welcoming the New year with your family and friends is no doubt a lucky charm, but planning New year’s holidays outside your hometown can be fun. If you are a nature lover and love to travel, Sri Lanka is indeed your place to welcome this New year.

The New Year 2024 in Sri Lanka

A beautiful South Asian country on an island, Sri Lanka is a land of beauty. Not only it is a land of beauty, but it is also a land of fun, adventure, and love.

From alluring jungles, beaches, mountains, and hills to ancient culture, foods, and monuments; Sri Lanka is a place worth visiting. Although every corner of this mesmerizing island is mesmerizing, there are some places superior to the others. We would recommend the following places to you to celebrate your new year 2024 in Sri Lanka and enjoy your new year’s vacations.


What can be better than spending new year’s eve in the best nightlife city of Sri Lanka? Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka and is famous for its modernization, history, and public places. If you are planning to enjoy the new year 2024 in Sri Lanka, this is indeed your place.

You can visit the Gangaramaya Buddhist temple and enjoy the essence of ancient architecture along with spiritual touch. Visiting Beira Lake in this city with your partner can be quite romantic. Being the capital, this city is full of nightclubs, party places, and restaurants which make it perfect for enjoying the new year 2024 in Colombo. You can toast a drink, enjoy the dance, witness the fireworks, and have the famous food of Sri Lanka in this city.


Sri Lanka is a land blessed with alluring beaches and coastlines. This makes it a popular tourist attraction for tourists worldwide. Hikkaduwa is located on the southwestern side of Sri Lanka and is a seaside resort town. Hikkaduwa is filled with beautiful palm trees and sea rocks.

This place is also filled with restaurants and bars which makes it perfect to witness the new year celebration in Sri Lanka. Moreover, if you are looking for romantic new year and honeymoon places in Sri Lanka, this is your place of peace and love.


Being the home of one of the first five-star hotels of Sri Lanka, Kandalama is perfect for witnessing new year’s eve 2024 in Sri Lanka. Approximately four hours away from Colombo, this place is famous for its hot air ballooning.

Imagine floating in the sky for hours and capturing the beauty of Sri Lanka from miles about the ground. Kandalama is a tourist attraction and a New year celebration place in Sri Lanka that provides people with the privilege to breathe in serene air and enjoy the thrill.


This is an ancient and majestic rock fortress in Sri Lanka that is 180 meters high. It is of great archeological significance as the details of this place are matchless. Sigiriya is also famous for the lion’s paw that is waiting for you at the entrance of this great fortress.

Enjoy your new year in Sri Lanka by taking a 360-degree view of your surroundings from the top of this place.


Trincomalee is a beautiful north coast port city of Sri Lanka that is famous for its blue whale watching. This place is also famous for the Koneswaram Temple. Adorned with beautiful weather, a coastline, and trees: this place depicts heaven.

Trincomalee cruise trips are famous worldwide. If you want to enjoy your new year 2024 in Sri Lanka while witnessing the sea and having special cruise food, you shouldn’t miss this. Don’t forget to choose some favorite songs and wear your sunglasses.

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Located in Cinnamon Gardens Colombo, this place is fun for all. Viharamahadevi Park is an amusement place where you can play, eat, have thrilling rides, visit the zoo, and relax at the same time. The entrance fee of this park is cheap.

Viharamahadevi Park is indeed an interesting place to visit in Sri Lanka. Don’t miss the chance to visit this place if you are in Colombo. Grab your fries and sodas, dress up funky, wear your sunglasses, and grab your partner’s hand to discover and enjoy this place.

We hope that you have made your decision about choosing the best place to celebrate the new year 2024 in Sri Lanka. If you want to read more articles like this, visit this website.

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