9 Best Indoor Hanukkah Decorations Ideas for 2022

Being a holy occasion, Hanukkah is mainly celebrated by Jewish people in November or December for eight nights. However, as Hanukkah will be arriving soon, everyone will be looking for Hanukkah decoration ideas. Therefore, we present traditional Hanukkah decorations for you to outstand in home decor at this event this year.

Traditional Hanukkah Decorations 2022

The event of Hanukkah is characterized by traditional Hanukkah decorations, foods, and recitation of Hanukkah prayers and blessings. Indoor and outdoor Hanukkah decorations are the main preparations for this event as everyone wants their homes to be the best on this holy holiday. That is why our team is here to light your house and make every bit of your home sparkle distinctively. 

The Hanukkah decoration ideas that can make your home look glorious on “the festival of lights” are traditional. Hanukkah menorah, Hanukkah tablecloth and table mat, Hanukkah gift box, Hanukkah service platters, embroidered Hanukkah cushion covers, customized Hanukkah shirts, blue and silver LED lights, and artificial Hanukkah hangings. 

Indoor Hanukkah Decorations 2022

Every inch of your house and every piece of embellishment must be in harmony with the other to make your event splendid. This is the reason indoor Hanukkah decoration is as important as outdoor Hanukkah décor. 

Traditional Menorah

The Jews lit a menorah for eight days when they reclaimed their temple. So, Hanukkah is incomplete without a menorah. You can go for a traditionally designed menorah, or you can also buy a battery-operated menorah. We would suggest that menorah be placed at the dining table to complete the festive Hanukkah dinner. 

Hanukkah Tablecloth and Table Mat

What can be more sophisticated than a finely stitched, Hanukkah embroidered, solid-colored tablecloth running across the mid of your dining table at Hanukkah’s eve dinner? And the cherry on the cake will have some matching table mats for every person in the family. So you can have some white table mats with a blue tablecloth or vice versa. 

Hanukkah Service Platters

Imagine your traditional fried Hanukkah food being served in blue and white carved Hanukkah platters. It would be prestigious to have a dinner in such chinaware. So add these service platters to your dinner table and enjoy your food. 

Embroidered Cushion Covers

Elegant linens and covers are part of the preparation of every event. We would suggest you buy a couple of menorah embroidered cushion covers for your lounge and bedroom cushions. 

Hanukkah Gift Box

Gifting was not a Hanukkah tradition originally, but due to the occurrence of Hanukkah close to Christmas and New year, gifting became a part of the Hanukkah celebration. If you want to gift someone at this event, printed or embroidered Hanukkah gift boxes are indeed your thing to buy. 

Hanukkah Customized Shirts

Every one of us is well-aware of customized shirts due to their unique and elegant look. However, Hanukkah Prayers and blessings printed on solid colored shirts are a modish yet traditional outfit to go for at this event. 

Outdoor Decorations for Hanukkah

The first look of your house must always be the best to impress your family and guests. So, let’s look at the options we have to decorate our outdoors for this event. 

Blue and Silver Led Lights

LED strip lights are now being used everywhere for décor purposes due to their easy installation and reusable property. You can buy them in bunches to embellish your doors, windows, trees, and small plants. 

Artificial Hanukkah Hangings

Artificial hangings are now a part of every event and are readily available everywhere. For example, you can hang a door wreath at your lounge door to make your entrance welcoming and pleasant. You can also hang small bells, menorah toys, and crystal balls to your plants and trees to make them look festive. 

Celebrating Hanukkah with your family and friends is always a pleasure. And this becomes exciting too when every inch of your house, including you, is in harmony with the event. So decorate your house and enjoy the event. Happy Hanukkah from our team!

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