18 Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings for You

Signs a Guy Friend Is Secretly in Love With You: Friendships can be complicated. Especially, when it comes to the friendship between a boy and a girl. It is a famous saying that a boy and a girl can never be ‘just friends. There is always something more than friendship between them.

Friends can develop feelings for each other and friendship can change into a romantic relationship. But for this, it is important to know that you are thinking the right way.

Well, If you want to know the right things to judge your male friend If he has feelings for you. Read all these signs that we’ve mentioned below and get the same things in your male guy.

You need to have a surety that your feelings are not single-sided. Or, it can be the other way round. You might have a male friend in your group or at your working place whom you suspect has some feelings for you that are more than friendship.

At this point, you might ask yourself that how to know if your male friend has feelings for you. You can look for the following signs if you suspect that your guy friend has feelings for you.

Signs Your Guy Friend Likes You but Is Hiding It

  • We’ll share 18 Best signs your male friends have feelings for you:
  1. Tries to reach out to you

If you are in a group of friends or work in an office, the one who has feelings for you will try to reach out to you. He will approach you or talk to you in person.

  1. He Will try to talk to you in person

If he has feelings for you, he will try to talk to you in person when nobody else can disturb you. He will try to have your contact or any social media id where he can talk to you.

  1. He will message you often

His feelings would not let him be patient. He will text you even if there isn’t any obvious thing to talk about. He will wish you a good morning or wish you sweet dreams before going to bed.

  1. Social media changes

A guy having feelings for you will stalk all your social media accounts. He will look at all your pictures and posts. And if he likes them all and comments every time you make a post, the signs are obvious. He likes you and wants you to recognize him more than an ordinary friend. It might be possible that he was not a social media person but has become one because of you. This, again, is an obvious expression of his feelings for you.

  1. He would look at you differently

A woman can always interpret that look of a man. He will look at you like he longs for you. You might catch him looking at you in the middle of a class or on a table during a coffee break.

  1. You would see the sparkle in his eyes

No matter how tiring the day is, whenever he will look at you, you will feel that his eyes are sparkling and his cheeks are blushing. It is also a scientific fact that our pupils dilate when you see a thing that you like or a person you love. And also, eyes never lie!

Signs your guy friend likes you but is hiding it
Blushes when talking to you!

Signs Someone Is Hiding Their Feelings for You

Read care all the signs to know in your male bestie If he likes you.

  1. He will try to spend more time with you

We always have time for what we like or love. During a group get-together or a party, he will try to be around you all the time. He can also offer you a coffee or ice-cream walk so that he could spend more personal time with you.

  1. Talks you about yourself

If a guy likes you, he will always have the interest to listen to you. He will ask questions about you, try to know your likes and dislikes, and will try to make you comfortable with him.

  1. Compliments you regularly

If your male friend compliments you, even when you think you are not looking outclass, this is an obvious sign that he has feelings for you. He will always try to boost you up, encourage you, make you laugh, and compliment you.

  1. He tries to protect you

A guy having feelings for you will always be protective of you. He will protect you from bad places and bad people. He will always keep an eye on your surroundings for your safety and security. He will not like you dating someone else.

  1. He will make you comfortable with him

He will make your time with him comfortable and memorable. He would never do anything in front of you that you don’t like.

  1. You feel it inside your heart

Our brain drives our emotions but we feel through our heart. If you have a feeling inside you that he likes you, believe it!

  1. Your friends will start asking about it

If you have a group of friends including him, your friends will always be the ones to notice that something is going on between both of you. Your girlfriends will ask you about it. This is an indicator that you are not thinking it wrong.

  1. Treats you out of the ordinary

Is the one who is always there for you? Or is he the one who always tries to help you? He will treat you unusually. He will try to sit next to you in any setting. He would always make jokes and see if you are laughing.

  1. He will pay for you

Whenever you both hang out together, he won’t let you pay for anything. He would pay for anything and everything you buy.

Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings for You
Always stay happy with her!
  1. He remembers everything about to you

You will notice that he remembers everything you told him about yourself. He will remember your birthday and your zodiac sign. Your favorite color and food will also be in his mind. In short, he remembers everything about you.

  1. He will try to linger the conversation on

Whenever you two are talking, he will try to prolong it. He would make questions out of nowhere. He would ask random questions and will love to listen to you.

  1. He would bring coffee or snacks when you are stuck at work

Don’t get surprised if he brings something to eat or drink for you even though you did not ask for it. A guy who likes you also cares about you.

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