25+ Funny Thanksgiving Quotes and Messages to Make Everyone Laugh

Thinking about making your Thanksgiving fun-filled and happier? We have got you covered. Today, we are presenting the best funny Thanksgiving quotes for the smiles and laughter of your loved ones. You can share these funny Thanksgiving messages with everyone around you and on your social media stories to give Thanksgiving a touch of humor.

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Happy Thanksgiving Funny Quotes 2023

I never liked working on Thanksgiving, and I can’t even tell this anyone. Happy Thanksgiving!

Roasting a whole turkey at Thanksgiving is so pitiful; why kill a bird for just dinner?

Are you the only one who is asked to consider the gravy a beverage?

Cooking a Thanksgiving dinner isn’t my thing. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks to Thanksgiving that it comes only once a year.

I am not celebrating Thanksgiving without my childhood friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

May you get a turkey thigh this Thanksgiving.

I pray that I get the farthest seat from my relative at Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving!

The only wish I can give you on Thanksgiving is May your turkey be tender and stuffing delicious.

The greatest blessing to thank for on Thanksgiving is your relatives going home. Happy Thanksgiving!

I just love to eat on Thanksgivings Day; even of others’.

I just love to eat on Thanksgiving; even of others’. Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s the time of the year again when we will reunite with our friends and family and enjoy ourselves. Thanksgiving is always better with family and loved ones because we are incomplete without our families.

All of us have a wish to make every Thanksgiving memorable and fun-filled. We try to help our families decorate our home, prepare prestigious meals, and plan family activities. However, one thing that we always like to do on every occasion is share wishes and messages.

One should always share Thanksgiving messages for friends & family to make them feel loved.

However, if you want to give your Thanksgiving a touch of fun, humor, and happiness, we suggest you share funny Thanksgiving quotes and messages with your family.

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Funny Thanksgiving Messages for a Smile

Whether decorating your windows with your siblings or helping your mom prepare the Thanksgiving dinner, you can win the game everywhere by being jolly. And for this, you need funny happy Thanksgiving messages.

You can crack these funny quotes on Thanksgiving while sitting at the dinner table with your extended family and make them feel at home.

To me, Thanksgiving is just any other day with more food and unwanted guests. Happy Thanksgiving!

I got my answer to why it took so long to stuff my turkey when I saw a tutorial and realized I was stuffing it from its beak. Happy Thanksgiving!

“Where do all the “Turkey spirits” go when they are killed for Thanksgiving?” “They wait for Halloween so that they can have their revenge.” Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just a holiday to celebrate the funeral of dead turkeys.

The thing I thank God for the most is I don’t have to cook at Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a day to raise the world’s obesity statistics.

Pies make everyone happy except the relatives.

The traditions of Thanksgiving include overeating. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Here I am, 5 a.m., stuffing bread crumbs up a dead bird’s butt. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Here I am, 5 a.m., stuffing bread crumbs up a dead bird’s butt. Happy Thanksgiving!

Do you know why I love Thanksgiving? You shop for days for Thanksgiving dinner and spend hours preparing it. And then everyone eats it in 20 minutes, and you do the cleaning for 2 hours. Isn’t it lovely?

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Have a fun-filled, funny, and memorable Happy Thanksgiving!

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