36 Romantic Fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

If you have a partner in your life, you are indeed a fortunate person. Having a partner changes a lot of things. You get a partner in everything you do. A happy relationship is always filled with understanding, love, care, adventure, thrill, and fun. The best spent together is the one that makes memories. If you are in a relationship, you should always find ways to express your love to your girlfriend and say “I Love you” in nonverbal ways.

Spending time with each other may get your date ideas running out. You might get bored with monotonous date nights if you are at this point; no need to worry. Unusual and is always good. You can go the other way round to make your girlfriend happy. Do fun things with your girlfriend and make her realize that you love her.

LQW shares with you amazing & top pickup best fun things that you can easily do with your girlfriend.

36 Charming Fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriend;

  1. Aquarium Visit

Plan a visit to the aquarium in the summers. Aquarium visits can be romantic. Watch the sea life together.

  1. Write love letters to each other

Even though you can message or make a call, love letters have a magical effect. Leave a secret love letter on her side table or drawer and see her reply.

  1. Make a video of her while she is cooking.

Candid videos are the best memory you can have of her. Make an open video of her while she is cooking for you and Watch it together on dining.

  1. Buy matching shirts

Go on window shopping and buy a pair of her favorite shirts. Wear them together on any special occasion or roughly.

  1. Have a lazy day together

Arrange snacks, food, and drinks for a whole day and celebrate a lazy day. Select some movies and watch them lying together the entire day.

  1. Have the same tattoos 

Select some funky tattoos and have them together.

  1. Go camping

Visiting natural places is always soothing. Plan a camping trip together for some days.

  1. Go to a concert

Musical nights are fascinating. Book the tickets beforehand and surprise her an hour before the concert.

  1. Plan a bonfire night

Bonfire nights can be a great get-together in winter. Plan a bonfire night with your girlfriend. Decorate the place and arrange the food. Your girlfriend will surely love this idea.

  1. Cook with her

Plan a cooking day on the weekend. Choose a menu and cook together. Time will fly, and you will get a tasty meal.

  1. Go on a long drive

Cloudy days are best for long drives. Plan a road trip with some good music and snacks.

  1. Watch a funny movie together.

Who on earth does not like to laugh? Select a funny movie, grab some popcorns and enjoy.

  1. Pillow fight

Grab a pillow and start a pillow fight when she is lying next to you or busy reading a book.

  1. Go for hiking

Hiking can be an excellent idea for spending time and knowing each other. Pack a bag pack of essentials and see nature together.

  1. Build a snowman and play in the snow

Build a snowman in snowfall. Throw snowballs at her and play.

  1. Go on a picnic

A picnic is a great idea for a good weather day. Go to a green park and refresh your relationship with fresh air.

  1. Candlelight dinner

If you want a break from monotonous dinners, try a candlelight dinner. You don’t even need to go outside for this. Make your favorite food at home and arrange the table formally with candle lights. Enjoy your company!

  1. Make a wish list

Grab a paper, slid under the covers, and make a wish list you both want to do together. Do future planning and include your wishes.

  1. Watch a shooting star

Shooting stars are a mesmerizing sight. Watch a shooting star and make a wish.

  1. Light up sky lanterns

Sky lanterns are a great couple of to-do things. Light up the darkness by lighting them up.

  1. Spa together

What can be more relaxing than a spa? Go to the hotel together and make your weekend relaxing.

  1. Bike ride

Midnights are the perfect time to enjoy a bike ride. Wake her up at midnight, grab your helmets and go for a ride.

  1. An ice cream date

Go for a walk and have ice cream. Get some extra topping in the name of love.

  1. Make a picture book

Develop some of your favorite pictures and paste them together in a beautiful journal.

  1. Taste New foods

Try a new food together. The experience can be fascinating.

  1. Barbeque night fun

Try making some barbeque together in your backyard with some romantic music.

  1. Start gardening together

Spare someplace in your house and start making a garden together. Select some flowers and trees of your choice and plant them together.

  1. Try a double date

Plan a double date with your best friends.

  1. Watch TV series Together

Watch a popular TV series together with a cozy blanket and a cup of coffee.

  1. Sit on a hilltop

Grab a sheet and go on a hilltop. Hilltop views will give you a break from the fast world and provide you with time to indulge in each other.

  1. Go to a local festival

Search for a local festival in your area. Wear funky dresses and glasses, buy balloons, play target games, take pictures, ride a Ferris wheel, and have some ice cream.

  1. Ask questions about her

Everyone likes to have listened. Go on a walk and ask questions about her. Get to know her more and more.

  1. Go on the beach

Arrange a beach party for the two of you. Wear hats, sunglasses, cool clothes and enjoy the water. Play football at the beach and enjoy some seafood.

  1. Early morning coffee

Make an early morning coffee before she wakes up. Enjoy together by the window side.

  1. Water park party

Go to a local water park on holiday. Enjoy the summer by swimming with your loved ones.

  1. Drink together

Grab your favorite drinks, turn the music on, and start drinking.

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